Weekend Happenings

This weekend my mom and stepdad came up to visit!

They got here Friday evening, so col and I brought them for a few drinks at Havana Cabana and then the Daily Refresher. I had a drink called El Toro at Havana and it was super weird but so friggin good. It had hot sauce, cucumber, rum, mint, and simple syrup. I love hot sauce (on everything…literally) but even I was apprehensive about trying this drink. I was so wrong, it was delicious, spicy, sweet, and refreshing all at the same time. I swear, make this drink, or make someone make it for you. Now. Go drink it.

Anyway, they loved both bars, and the rain held off long enough for us to drink outside and chat for a few hours while my mom got tipsy from her single drink and Col and Keith (my stepdad) talked science and hemp.

Saturday we woke up early to beat the crowd at the Frog Pond for breakfast before Park Ave fest was open. I love the Frog Pond cause it’s not just one of the only places that offer vegan options for breakfast (tofu scrambles that are delicious), but they have awesome pumpernickel toast, insanely delish mimosas and a huge menu.

After breakfast we went to the public market. It was my mom and Keith’s first time there so they were in love with it just like I knew they would be. I mean how can you not be in love with fresh, local, cheap fruits, veggies, granolas, herbs, plants, pastas…everything, really. I stocked up and got 2 for $1 avocados, a basket of red potatoes for $2, a huge bunch of kale for $1, homemade triple berry jam and a bouquet of sunflowers (my absolute favorite flower/slight obsession).

The rest of the day we spent touring park ave fest. According to Keith’s walking tracker we walked about 8 miles! We were hot and tired and ready for dinner by the time we left the fest, but it was so sweet and fun! The vendors weren’t just generic cheap shit but really cool artisan soaps and shirts, books, food, candles (I got a skull candle and a bunch of books), etc.

For dinner we went to the Owl House and sat outside on the patio, which is definitely the prettiest outdoor seating in Rochester in my opinion. I got summer pasta with swiss chard, pumpkin seeds, and pesto, and we all shared buffalo cauliflower “wings” (all vegan). We then finished off our evening sharing four desserts at the Red Fern (coconut milk strawberry ice cream, a banana coconut chocolate bar, garden cake, and cheesecake…also all vegan!) before mom and Keith went to their hotel for the night and Col and I met some friends out. We ended our night with glow rings, keg stands, and a night time walk in the park.

To finish off our weekend with my mom, we hit up the Public Market’s giant yard sale (another obsession of mine…) and I got a collage frame for $2! I’ve been searching for a cheap one for forever to hang all of my pictures so it was a perfect find.

Saying goodbye was hard as it always is, but I know I will always see my family again “soon” so I’m trying not to be too melancholy about how fast time flies when I see them and just focus on how beautiful everything was and the beautiful times to come.

Here are pics from the wonderful weekend 🙂

At Park Ave Fest!

At Park Ave Fest!

Col & I at the Public Market :)My Mama & I GLOW UP 4 WUT


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