1000 Islands










It’s my family’s 50 year tradition to go camping every summer in the 1000 Islands, and though I’ve been going there since I was 6 weeks old, it is still my favorite place in the whole world. I will never tire of it; the beauty of the river, the carefree roughin’ it vibes, the smell of pine needles, the shock of the first jump of the year into the icy St. Lawrence water.

I only got to go for three days this year because of work, but, as always, my days were filled with swimming, boating, drinking, laughing, camp fires, tenting it, getting my tan on, good food, and some of the best people in my life. Col came with me for the second year and nothing makes my heart more full than seeing how much my family loves him and how comfortable he is with all of them. Moving out this past year has truly made me appreciate how much my family means to me and how fucking lucky I am to have them there for me.

No matter where we all go in life or what things we have going on, we always have our few days or few weeks away from reality in the place where all of us have grown up together. Some things never change, and sometimes that is the best feeling that exists.


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