I, like every other working stiff on the planet am PUMPED about the fact that it’s Friday.

Glorious, carefree, excitement-filled Friday. There are 48 hours ahead of me of hours I am not counting down or punching in, time to experiment with new recipes, work out in the morning instead of at 6 pm after an entire work day (hell yes), read, and let loose a little bit (holla).

BUT, as much as I love the weekends and I look forward to Friday all week, I have had to stop and change the way I think during my work week. I’ve always said that when I got a full-time job I would NEVER be one of those people who complained all week and said things like “only three more days until Friday” like the other days in our lives don’t matter or have any single positive thing about them. To me, treating days like that allows work to dominate you; Friday has become the new Holy Day in our culture when every day should be a “Holy Day.”

Once I landed my first full-time job, it was easy to fall into the typical “TGIF” mindset that everyone else has; There is nothing easier to relate to in a workplace than complaining. As I found myself saying last Tuesday “UGH it’s only Tuesday, I hope the rest of the week flies by so it can be the weekend,” I realized that I had become a part of the fucked up 9-5 culture that I have always detested.

NO MORE! I am swearing off complaining about what day of the week it is and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

Since I began this job, I made sure from the beginning that I leave time every day to do something that I enjoy or to plan a fun activity/outing. I know this sounds simple, but think about it, when we plan things, we typically always plan to do them on the weekends. Concerts, movies, dinner dates, elaborate meals, even grocery shopping. We “save” everything for the weekend. I get it, there is only so much time in a day and work is draining and sometimes all we want to do is come home, eat, watch TV and sleep before we wake up to another day of work. But this mentality promotes that total work domination I mentioned earlier. The most dangerous idea we can place on ourselves is that work is the most important thing in life. It’s just such damaging bullshit. 

Taking time to do something fun for yourself is SO IMPORTANT to do on a daily basis, and not just on the weekends. Of course still plan exciting things on the weekends to look forward to, or wait to do some time-consuming chore/activity on the weekends when you have more time. But don’t forget to make every day feel like a miracle with something to offer, because every day does have something to offer! Babies aren’t just born on weekends, people don’t just die on weekends. Life is meant to be lived and lost every day of the week.

So yeah, I am almost gleeful that it’s Friday and cannot wait for my weekend to begin, but I also will try my best not to dread Monday, because Mondays are days filled with endless possibilities, chances for life-changing events to occur, and simple pleasures just like Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Live every day like it’s Friday.


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