5 Reasons to Go Vegan!

I have been a vegan for about three months now, and I can honestly say that is it for life. Once you go plant-based you never go back.

While, I will admit, the transition wasn’t all that difficult for me considering the fact that I was already an extremely healthy eater with tons of veggies and fruits in my daily diet, and the fact that I love to cook and don’t mind devoting time to meal prep, I still believe that anyone can make the transition and that everyone should! Here are my core reasons why a vegan lifestyle is the shit.

  1. Your carbon footprint is SO MUCH LESS! The meat, dairy, and egg industries are some of the, if not the LARGEST contributors to climate change and environmental destruction in the world. Most people do not know this! I know I didn’t until a few short months ago. We generally think that emissions and destroying the rainforest and other habitats are the sole contributors to climate change. The reason is because we are destroying habitats so that we can plant mass amounts of food for the mass amounts of animals we slaughter, then use crazy amounts of emissions to raise them on factory farms before they are slaughtered. When you go vegan, you are actively taking a stand against this unbelievable destructive industry.
  2. Your body will thank you! Actually, this one is also for healthy eating in general. When I began eating healthy, whole foods and tons of fruits and veggies, (combined with daily exercise), I not only saw my body shape transform, but also my hair! Where once I had pin-straight, dry, damaged hair, there was now bouncy, full, spiral freaking curls! It was such a mystery to me after I cut my hair that it grew back extremely curly and generally huge, but I am 100% sure it is a result of changing my diet. Since becoming a vegan, my hair has grown super fast and my random acne bursts have disappeared! I now have glowing, rosy cheeks and smooth skin.
  3. You will live cruelty free! I had first considered going vegan after doing research about the negative impact eating animal products has on the body, and just to challenge myself. After watching Earthlings, though, I added the moral reason of being a vegan to my list. While I totally respect everyone’s rights to eat whatever they please, I just cannot fathom eating a piece of chicken again or even drinking milk after being exposed to the horrors of the meat and dairy industries. As a nation, our factory farms are basically torture chambers where innocent beings not only die, but die in extremely sickening fashion and live the short lives they are given in utter pain and misery. Personally, I just can’t unsee what I saw, or unfeel what I feel. Yes, I get that eating meat tastes good, but it is unnecessary. I like being a vegan because it means I can live without killing, or contributing to killing, other beings in the process.
  4. You spice up your kitchen life! I’ve always loved to cook, maybe even more than I love to eat! Going vegan has challenged and excited my time in the kitchen. I love creating “veganized” versions of foods that aren’t vegan which I love (cheesecake, brownies, mac and cheese). Also, by using whole, plant-based ingredients, you will naturally eat healthier and, believe it or not, your grocery bill will decrease (I swear). Meat is expensive! Vegetables, fruits, beans, and grains are generally pretty cheap. And if you check out your farmer’s markets, they’re even cheaper than in the grocery store, and you will most likely find new produce to experiment and fall in love with that you had never tried before! Seriously people, being a vegan isn’t a life of deprivation, it’s fucking delicious!
  5. You eat more!!!!!!! This reason, even considering my cruelty-free and less carbon footprint reasons, is my absolute favorite thing about being a vegan. (no disrespect, chickies and piggies!) I’ve always had a large appetite, and when I started exercising daily, this appetite grew. Instead of meticulously portioning my foods and counting calories like I did in the past, I now eat an abundance of healthy foods because they nourish and benefit me. Because plant-based foods are typically lower in calories and are PACKED TO THE BRIM with nutrients, I eat a ton of them and don’t have to worry about calories or gaining weight. Of course, there are plant-based foods that are high in calories and that I still monitor (duh), generally I fill my plate with veggies, fruits, beans, and whole grains and feel satisfied and nourished, not overly full and guilty. Going vegan has really helped me develop a healthy relationship with food which I am insanely thankful for.

These are just a few reasons why I love being a vegan! I do not judge anyone who is not a vegan, because obviously I am still a newb myself, and I get why many people do not choose to go vegan (convenience, taste, etc.). I am just trying to shed light on how amazing this lifestyle is for your body, your mind, your soul, and your planet!



4 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Go Vegan!

  1. Hi! I have been vegan for 3 months also! And feel the same as you, it is a change for life! If you are looking for some yummy recipes check my blog handpickedvegan.com … It would be great to keep in touch and share our vegan journey! All the best with your blog!


  2. Whoa, that thing about your hair is crazy!! I’ve never heard about that before. Acne clearing up is for certain, and I’ve even heard some say that their eyes became a lighter shade. Very cool post on all five points 🙂


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