The Power of Books & My Generation

So I just joined the book club at my job that my friend is the head of, and today was my first meeting. Now, this ain’t your mama’s book club. We are all under 25 and curse profusely, but we still share snacks, sit in a circle, and discuss our thoughts and feelings about the week’s book.

I’ve always been a book worm, and was so excited when I got invited to be a part of the club. I’m still getting used to not constantly having my crew of bffs from back home to hang with at all times, and it’s been a little tough for me to make new friends in my new environment. While I’m slowly but surely making friends at work, being in the book club is making the task a bit easier.

Anyway, today I was reminded once again just how powerful books are; just how powerful words in general are. Once we all stopped chattering and eating our lunches, we got into such a great discussion about The Giver. I know most of us have read this book when we were in middle school and consider it a children’s book, which it is, but it is such an important piece of literature for everyone to read, not just kids.

Just from our discussion of The Giver, my book club and I ended up contemplating the meaning of life in a total genuine, non-ironic, super objective way that made me proud to be a part of my generation. We are not all just a bunch of hard-partying technology addicts. The people I have always associated with are incredibly intelligent, down to earth, and have the most profound thoughts. We grew up in the midst of the technology boom and have seen our culture change drastically and have had to find our place in a society that puts an immense and almost impossible amount of pressure on us to succeed, but offers no guidance, no warmth, understanding, or patience. We turn to one another because we are truly the only group of people who understand this sort of upbringing.

Today I realized more strongly than ever how powerful my generation is. We are a generation of open-minded, sentimental, thoughtful people who accept and embrace differences, ponder the meaning of life during this time when meanings are often lost, where we are aware how fleeting our time on earth is. We openly talk about sexuality, drugs, depression, loss because we don’t hide what’s happening, what is real. 

Yes, we read. Yes, we also go on the internet. You can be a well-rounded and aware person even if you are a product of the 21st century.

I thought about all of this after a discussion about a book. THAT, my friends, is power.



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