Carrot-Orange-Ginger Juice!

I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who “juices.” I even asked my mom for a juicer for my birthday back in june, bought a TON of kale and various fruits and other veggies to juice and got to it!

Well, my juicer broke after two uses, I prematurely stuck a stalk of rhubarb in the stupid thing and not only did the pulp and juice fly everywhere (including my hair and my eyeballs), my juicer just shut down.

I had not only decided that juicing isn’t worth the mess, but that I would never invest in another juicer AGAIN.

…until my mom found a gem of a juicer at a yard sale for 2 friggin dollars! I decided to give it another go, and what do ya know, this juicer works like a dream, is much easier to clean, and like I said was 2 FRIGGIN DOLLARS compared to the 60 bucks I (my mom) dropped on my last “top-quality” juicer.

I decided to go for a zesty zinger as my first juice and it came out totally remarkable! I’m not that into carrots like I had previously mentioned in my carrot cake smoothie post, but I want to be into them, so I keep buying them to use in different things. The orange and ginger combine perfectly with the subtle sweetness of the carrot and the result is a sweet—but not too sweet, and tangy—but not too tangy elixir that fills me up inbetween meals, invigorates me, and is chock full of nutrients and vitamin C!

I think this is a juicing beginner’s best shot at a successful first dive into the world of juicing!

P.S. I HIGHLY suggest using all organic ingredients when you are juicing, since you are getting purely the juice from the produce, which would mean an abundance of concentrated chemicals if not organic.


  • 1 large bag organic carrots, peeled and quartered
  • 3 oranges, peeled and sectioned
  • 3 inch stalk of ginger, peeled

Place a large bowl underneath the spout of your juicer, or a measuring cup. (I like to use a bowl to better incorporate my ingredients before I portion them into jars) Juice all of the carrots first, one at a time. Next, juice the oranges in the same way, then the ginger. Once everything is juiced, give it a good mix in the bowl or measuring cup and portion it into two, 16 oz. jars (at least that’s how I portioned it…if you want the whole thing right away, go for it!) I also saved the pulp from the carrots after I was done juicing them and made oatmeal carrot muffins, but you can toss all of the pulp if you wish.


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