The Beauty of Wine and Women

Last night, I went to my new friend’s house where she was throwing a girl’s night for some of the women on the production floor.

I met up with my other friend who happens to live right next door and we walked, wine in hand, to girl’s night chatting about everything under the sun with the giddy excitement that comes from girls just being girls together.

When we arrived, G’s coffee table was bursting with hummus and pita chips, salsa and tortilla chips, carrots, crackers, cheese and of course, lots of vino! Right away we sat around the table, poured each other wine in palm tree cups you’d find at a collector’s yard sale, snacked and got to the nitty gritty talks that come with new friendships.

We talked sex, drugs, food, body image, types of people, the ones we hate at work, the ones we love at work, everything. Inevitably, the conversation broke off into small groups, but it always came back to everyone, and everyone could contribute something to each topic we discussed.

As much as I hate growing older, I truly love being an adult woman. I now know who I am, am comfortable and open when I talk about most aspects of my past and how I came to be who I am, and I am now educated enough to truly be confident in my opinions and outlooks. The best thing about this girl’s night with new friends is that we are all grown women who all seem to know who we are and are confident and comfortable with ourselves.

It was truly beautiful, us gathered around, wine in hands, speaking passionately or giggling uncontrollably. I not only learned about when everyone lost their virginity, what they love about guys and what they hate about guys, I learned who they are, which is something I am very proud of about my generation of women and who I surround myself with. We speak from the heart, aren’t afraid to share our thoughts, and truly love being engaged in conversation from the minute details of a day, to what the meaning of “love” is.

It’s incredible, and I am so excited to begin beautiful friendships with the lovely ladies I now spend more time with.


One thought on “The Beauty of Wine and Women

  1. I’ve had similar experiences like this that become more special to me the older I get. And all of them have involved wine! And women, of course! It’s a special combination!


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