Doing your thang with Dignity.

If I’ve learned anything in my roller coaster ride of 22 years on earth, it’s that every single one of us makes shitty decisions.

To me, shitty decisions and mistakes are not one in the same. When a person makes a mistake,  it usually means that they made a snap decision, didn’t weight the pros and cons, and most likely changed their mind quickly after making it up.

When a person makes a shitty decision, it usually means they mull it over, have intense anxieties about the outcome of their potential decision, and ultimately commit to it, even if they know it isn’t the right thing.

I am all for mistakes, and I am all for shitty decisions.

As long as they are OWNED with DIGNITY.

Usually, mistakes are “taken back” or apologized for; a quick lapse in judgement that the perpetrator often immediately regrets and quickly tries to make amends for. Typically, mistakes have to be owned in order to be cleared up…One must admit to a mistake if they want to correct it.

Shitty decisions, on the other hand, are often times not owned. Most instances, a person who makes a shitty decision is scared of their decision, hides from it, knowing full well the magnitude of its potential impact on others and on oneself. Shitty decision-makers will call you to tell you that they’ve made their shitty decision, and then fail to call you back when you have questions, when you need your confusion dispelled, when you need to tell them what exactly you think in hopes of inserting a squeaky wheel of protest in their brain.

This kind of shitty decision maker is just plain unattractive; it is how a coward operates.

I am using this post to promote owning your shitty fucking decisions.

If you decide to drop of out college, tell your parents in person no matter how much your fork is shaking when you take them to lunch to drop the bomb on them.

If you decide to quit your job, chop off all of your hair, and move to the Dominican Republic, go to your boss and tell him/her exactly why you’re leaving. Show up at Thanksgiving ready to tell your entire family and stand behind your probably completely shitty decision because it’s yours, not theirs.

Owning your shitty decisions goes hand in hand with owning who you are. When you do your thang with dignity, your shitty decision probably won’t look so shitty.

If one day you decide to be a stripper, you better be getting naked with pride. You better not let some drunk uncle tell you you’re worthless and believe him. You strip your ass off, suck it up, and live with the decisions you make rather than cower at the criticism that may come with it.

Living with dignity is the difference between personal peace, self-acceptance, and being a fucking incredible human being.

I invite all of you to do your thang with dignity, whatever your thang may be.


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