Monday Happy List

Ahh, Mondays….how I love thee, yet how I LOATHE thee.

I loathe the pesky before-work butterflies traveling a mile a minute every monday while I eat my breakfast and think about how many emails will be in my inbox, how many scripts I’ll have to write, how many clients will make me want to crawl under my desk and eat my hair…ya know, the usual.

BUT, there is something about mondays I just love: that feelings of a fresh slate, of starting the week off on a good foot. Whether your plans for the week include accomplishing something huge at work, or going on a date now that rent is paid and maybe you can even afford a drink with dinner, or if it’s crushing your workouts every day and planning out your recipes for the week.

Mondays actually rule. I know I stress embracing each day, even the drudgery of the week days spent at work, but I think it’s one of the keys to happiness and to reducing stress.

Here are some random happy things to be grateful for on my Monday morning.

  1. My beautiful Halloween weekend spent with the beautiful people in my life

photo (22)photo (23)

Like these two…my very best friend and my man who bring copious amounts of love, joy, fun, and trust into every damn day.

2. Sunday grocery shopping trip. Collin and I made the trek to Trader Joe’s (okay, so 10 minutes probably doesn’t count as a trek per say, but when I’m in walking distance to two other grocery stores in the city, then yes, 10 minutes counts as a trek. Plus I was feeling the Halloween boozing, so it felt much longer) to stock up for the upcoming week; one of my favorite rituals. I know moms across America will probably want to slit my throat/hire me as their personal shopper, but I truly love grocery shopping. As a cook and healthy food lover who also loves to explore new foods and recipes, getting stocked up on healthy foods, vegan treats, and supplies just makes me feel put together and ready for whatever the upcoming week brings, because I have what I need to keep my body fueled properly and in check.

3. Alice Walker’s “Living by the Word: Selected Writings, 1973-1987.” Enough said. Alice Walker is not only an intelligent, spiritually and environmentally aware beautiful woman, she is badass as hell and writes beautifully. This book is full of journal entries, poetry, essays, and random thoughts…the kind of book I love reading most. I truly love memoirs, but love them even more when there are journal clips included. They truly create a portal into the author’s innermost thoughts which I am fascinated by….and they make me feel like I’m a little less insane for the crap that runs through my head and into my pen.


4. Runs by the River. As an avid runner for the past four years now, running is something I can always count on, always come back to. It cleanses my body and soul, rids of headaches, gets me interacting with nature on a daily basis, and just eases my mind all while keeping me in shape. WIN WIN WIN. Yesterday I went for a jog by the Genesse even though I felt like death from my Halloween indulgences that consisted of rum, wine, and beer…great combo, you should try it (but, I mean, don’t). Once I laced up, got my feet pounding some pavement, and finally felt the sun on my skin after days of dreary rain, I was elated I decided to get my ass in gear and reconnect with my run. For me, solid runs always begin with a solid location. Now, your solid location could change from day to day, from run to run, based on how you feel, the distance you want to accomplish, and what you’re training for. My runs by the river are my go-to’s for just about all of these. As a wannabe mermaid, the river soothes me, treats my eyes to a better view than gas stations, and goes on forever. It was a perfect choice for my Sunday run that was short, but meant to invigorate and heal me.

5. My new (thrifted) Tea Kettle. I know it may not seem all that list-worthy, but I drink a lot of tea now that I only treat myself to good coffee on the weekends. I used to microwave my tea, but I’ve always been skeptical of microwaves in general, and try to utilize mine as little as possible. Plus, the whole ritual of “putting on the kettle” makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, and really feels like a treat for me. There’s nothing like hearing my pastel white kettle shout at me from the kitchen that it’s time to either start my day off right, or end my night with my mug, my book, and much-too-large socks.

Do you guys have a love/hate relationship with Mondays like me?

Either way, hike up your britches and make today beautiful in any way you can.



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