Monday Happy List: Third Edition

I am bumming HARD today, and have just about succumbed to my Monday blues.

I’m extremely fatigued, shaky, and a bit feverish (…flu anyone??) and made a stupid mistake at work simply from pressing the wrong button on my keyboard because of said pre-flu fog.

So, as usual, my Monday Happy List this week is an attempt to help cheer me up, lift the fog I’m hoping is just from lack of a good night’s sleep, and help me to stop and smell the roses.

My best friend and I back when we were 16 and snow days meant one thing: Adventure.

My best friend and I back when we were 16 and snow days meant one thing: Adventure.

While I’m not a complete and total snow devotee, I am a complete seasons devotee. The East coast girl that I am, I’ve always appreciated the fact that I get to experience all four seasons and the unique glory that comes with each of them. And as a complete Christmas nut, waking up to fresh powder on my car only brought feelings of innocent excitement, and not the dread of starting my car for 15 minutes prior to using it…that’ll come after a few long, Rochester-y months of the white stuff.

I love the start of each season, and the snowfall today just reminds me of romps in the deserted road trekking to my eclectic little hometown with my best friends, it reminds me of Christmas magic, of baking mountains of cookies with my mom while blasting Jewel’s Christmas CD in the kitchen. Knowing that outside of my bustling workplace is falling snow brings peace to my heart, even though it’s in the midst of a bleak downtown.



Speaking of my best friend, she recommended this movie to me a few months ago and man oh man did it change our lives. As a proud feminist who has overcome (and is still overcoming) a lifetime of body image, self-esteem and depression issues, I was very eager to watch this movie. I recommend it to every person in America and elsewhere, woman or man to watch this movie, and realize what the media has done/continues to do to women everywhere, from distorting the minds of young girls into thinking they exist to look pretty and to be sexual objects, to creating the idea that men must see women in this way, that men must have power, status, and not show their emotions.

I re-watched this movie last night with Collin who, knowing about my personal struggles, wanted to see the movie (FYI THIS IS ON NETFLIX WATCH INSTANTLY…I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO GIVE IT A WATCH). I was especially effected by it this time around, as was Collin. I cannot stress enough how important it is to empower young women, to allow them to be who they are, from the inside out, to not let the media dominate our perceptions of reality. We cannot change the future if we do not change the present.


photo (26)

After we watched Miss Representation last night, I was in a very dark mood. While last time I watched the documentary, I was filled with empowerment and drive to embrace my mind, my spirit, and my power as a woman, this time around, I was overcome with grief for my younger self, who absolutely hated what she saw in the mirror, who she was as a person….everything about herself. I was filled with overwhelming empathy for girls going through what I went through today and I could not shut off the water works!

Collin, being the fucking angel he is, asked me what it would take to cheer me up before we went to bed and the first thing that came to my mind was to bake pumpkin cookies and listen to Christmas music. So, at 10:30 pm on a Sunday night, that’s exactly what we did. I got this recipe from Pinterest, and like an idiot, didn’t pin the stupid thing so I can’t credit it, but if you search for vegan pumpkin cookies, I’m sure you’ll find something to woo your tastebuds like these babies wooed mine!

I am so thankful for a guy who lets me be me, who goes along with my crazy ideas, and who doesn’t just “make me happy,” but is there for me, offering anything he can, while I discover how to make myself happy when I’m down. I’m also thankful for these cookies, which I topped with my homemade almond butter (post to be coming about that endeavor this week…).



I know most everyone these days has heard/read something or another about how amazing apple cider vinegar is for literally everything, and I’m here to tell you that I am one of those suckers who believes it! For the past few months or so, I’ve been drinking a shot of ACV mixed with 12 oz. of water as soon as I wake up and let me tell you, they’re not lying (who is “they” anyway?!) when they say that this shit is a magical elixir from the gods. Not only is my digestion better than ever, after I drink my ACV water (while I plus my nose thoroughly, of course…vinegar is smelly business), I feel energized!

So, since using ACV as a digestion enhancer, I decided to take the plunge and use it as a facial toner as well. I’ve recently broke out around my mouth like I used to when I was in high school and I have no idea why! It hasn’t happened since I became a vegan, in fact my skin has been crystal clear, but all of a sudden PIMPLES EVERYWHERE AHHH! Anyway, after a week or so of constant pimple pop-ups, and my dermatologist-prescribed cream doing nothing to help, I mixed equal parts ACV with water and used a washcloth to rub it all over my face, and let it air dry. I woke up this morning with my pimples noticeably less red, less inflamed and even smaller!

I repeated my toning ritual this morning and my face is looking even better as the day goes on! Seriously, people, this shit is pure gold, whether it’s for drinking or slathering. Give it a try for a natural facial toner that has no chemicals or harsh, impossible-to-pronounce ingredients.

Well, as usual, writing this list has cheered me up a considerable amount…or it could just be the Pecan Pie clif bar I just inhaled and the fact that I only have an hour left at work (time flies when you blog on the job…).

If anyone watches Miss Representation, bakes cookies, basks in the snowy glory, or uses Apple Cider Vinegar for slurping or skin enhancing, let me know what you think/what you bake/if you made a snowman/if you smell slightly of sauerkraut like my vinegar-y self.

Oh, and have a happy friggin Monday!



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