Giving Thanks Via List…Duh.

Today while I was in the shower before work worrying about how I was going to get home for Thanksgiving before the Eastern NY storm that is now hitting my hometown, I decided on a whim to take a sick day and trek home at 7 a.m. before it got too nasty outside.

After a treacherous last hour of my 4.5 hour journey home, which included at least 3 almost accidents and white knuckling it through my town before pulling over and begging my plowman (thank god) dad to pick me up at the coffee shop down the road from my house, I finally got home and settled.

So, because it’s Thanksgiving Eve, and because I’m not dead on the side of the road (sorry for the image), here is a compiled list of some things I’m thankful for.

  1. My Falafel with Tahini Garlic Sauce recipe being published on elephant journal yesterday! (Check it out and give me some love hehe).
  2. Like I said before, my dad being a highway worker and coming to my rescue when I was shaking in fear from snowy roads.
  3. Being downstate in my house with the fire going, my oatmeal face mask on, Gilmore Girls playing and some tea by my side.
  4. Starting Oil Pulling. Just from a week of it, I’ve noticed my teeth already whiter, my stupid Halloween break out FINALLY getting cleared up, and increased energy and fresher breath. Try this guys!
  5. Making this Vegan Buffalo Chickpea Dip so I can chow down tomorrow even though I’m the only vegan in my family…again, TRY THIS. I just had a spoonful because I just couldn’t resist and it’s even better than buff chicken dip since it’s full of healthy fats, meatless and even more flavorful!
  6. My eccentric family that I love despite it’s quirky sense of dramatics.
  7. Getting to see my best friends while I’m home
  8. My indescribably incredible boyfriend who also happens to be my best homie and roommate.
  9. Holding a headstand and pushing up from chatarunga into updog cleanly during yoga today
  10. A life I truly love that’s even sweeter because of how hard I worked for it.

Happy Thanksgiving, beautiful bloggers! I encourage everyone to take some time and think of 10 (or more of course) things you’re thankful for.



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