Going DRY.

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving filled with indulgence, hangovers, and regret….and time spent with family and all that jazz I guess.

My holiday had a little of all of it….actually, it was heavy on the hangover and regret.

While I had such an extended weekend full of cozy warmth that only the familiarity of home can bring surrounded by my family and my very best friends, I also painfully realized that my body just CANNOT handle alcohol anymore.

When I was at the height of my party girl ways at the end of high school and beginning of college, I could pound down the drinks like no other and only experience a slight hangover that breakfast pizza and orange juice could cure in a minute.

But, as I matured, lost a bit of weight, and got really into my health, I’ve put drinking on the back burner and I’ve really noticed how much of a lightweight I’ve become!

Not only that, for the last few months even if I only consume a drink or two, I am extremely hungover for the entire next day, complete with puking my brains out.

Now, I’m not sure if this is because I’m smaller, because I eat healthfully and my body isn’t used to poisonous substances of any kind anymore, or just because my body chemistry has changed all together, but it’s very concerning.

So, I’ve decided that I am giving up alcohol all together for at least a few months. The temporary carelessness and drunken fun is just not worth the bed-ridden aching body, nausea, and overall regret of things said, things done, and things left unsaid and undone the morning after.

Though I pride myself on being an independent woman who is strong-willed and makes decisions for myself, even if they’re against the grain, I also REALLY don’t like missing out on things, which sometimes comes with the territory of being the “sober one.”

So needless to say, this holiday season will be a challenge for me to stay dry, what with my hard-partying family and friends, but I’m determined to stay strong and remain clear-headed, healthy, and alcohol free for the holidays!

Anyone else going dry??



4 thoughts on “Going DRY.

  1. I go alcohol-free for a month or two whenever I feel like my body needs it. I always feel a lot better and even lose a few pounds … and because of the effects, I don’t find it so tough :). My story’s quite similar, I used to go out and had no hangover in the mornings, but now I can feel the consequences of drinking too much in the morning. A glass or two is the most I can drink if I want to feel normal the next day. I have never tried this in the holiday season, but I think it’s completely possible, you just have to be stubborn and stick to the decision :).


    • Thank you for your input, this is just what I needed to hear! I’m not very into the party scene anymore but when I’m around old friends or family, I always feel more pressured to indulge and my body just can’t handle it anymore. I’m definitely going to stick it out and tap into my infamous stubbornness! 🙂

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