Monday Happy List: Milestone Edition

Happy Monday, betches!

Today is the first Monday in a long time where I woke up without dread, haven’t experienced any feelings of pre-work/general work related anxiety, and am completely calm, hopeful, and in the zone.

This past week/weekend was full of milestones. Some were just simple, heartwarming experiences and some were exciting, satisfying feats.

Since it’s the Christmas season, and I am basically an elf, I’m going to try and continue this hopeful streak well into the holiday season and beyond, and try to appreciate every milestone, no matter how small it may seem.

  1. Recreated my favorite meal at my favorite Greek restaurant, Aladdins!
Tabouleh & Tourlou, with a side of Trader Joe's Hummus and Pita Chips!

Tabouleh & Tourlou, with a side of Trader Joe’s Hummus and Pita Chips!

If you read my article, you know about my everlasting love affair with Greek food. So, as usual, I was craving the vegetarian combo at Aladdin’s, my favorite Greek restaurant in Rochester. Since we literally just went there a few days ago, I decided to load up on the ingredients to recreate two of my favorite options for the vegetarian combo while grocery shopping. I made a classic Tabouleh and Tourlou (which I have made before and gotten pretty close to Aladdin’s). I spooned some hummus on the side to dip some pita chips in and made Collin and I a pretty badass Sunday dinner! The recipes for these will be up in the next few days, so beware because you’ll be as addicted as I am.

2. Collin and I got our very first Christmas tree!

Shitty quality, but it was difficult setting a self-timer in our aloe plant...

Shitty quality, but it was difficult setting a self-timer in our aloe plant…

After an eventful afternoon of scrounging up ornaments from Collin’s parent’s rejected collection, cutting down our tree just to have them tell us they don’t take cards and having to run to the ATM and then back just to pay $40 for our tree, and getting a tree stand, we were finally able to have some Chipotle for lunch and set up our cute lil’ guy without trouble. We lit up our tiny shack of an apartment with candles and our strings of lights and watched Home Alone while sipping peppermint tea. The chaos of getting our tree was totally worth it.

3. I held a headstand!

Don't mind my wacky yoga was laundry week.

Don’t mind my wacky yoga clothes…it was laundry week.

Holding my headstand really reaffirmed the whole “practice makes perfect” thing. I’m the kind of chick who hates being bad at stuff…like can’t stand it. If I’m bad at something, I either don’t do it, or I work my ass off until I’m a master at it. Inversions and arm balances are two of those things I’m working my ass off trying to become a master at. I do at least some yoga, whether it’s 20 minutes before bed or a 90 minute class at least 4-5 days per week. Since rediscovering my love for yoga, I’ve been dedicating myself to learning inversions and arm balances and not giving up. So, after finally holding a crow, I’ve been practicing my headstands every day and what do ya know, I finally got it! This was a pretty exhilarating and sweet moment for me, and also encouraged my to keep excelling and blossoming as a yogi.

4. I knitted myself this beauty!

I now finally have a hat that's warm AND fits!

I now finally have a hat that’s warm AND fits!

I finally found time to knit myself a hate from really cool, good quality yarn that’s actually warm and fits me! Usually when I make hats, the patterns run too small even when I increase the size, but this little guy fits perfectly! This hat is an accomplishment not just because of the fact that I made it, because I’ve been knitting for a while now, but also that I let myself take the time and make something that I really need.

I think everyone should take time and give yourself the things you really need, you really crave, or you just want every once in a while. It’s satisfying in the best way.

I hope everyone has a Monday free of stress, anxiety, and fear.

Peace out girlscoutz



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