Going Wheat Free? Maybe? Yay? Nay? Plus Xmas Spirit & Vegan Cookies!

As I have lamented before, I have weird skin.

It’s sensitive, prone to breakouts around my mouth, and has quite erratic behavior. On good days it’s smooth, clear, and glowing, and on bad days it’s red, irritated, and dry.

While I’ve never had “acne,” I’ve always had breakouts randomly around my mouth, which flared up quite a bit in college. I tried dermatologist recommended creams. While they cleared my skin eventually, they basically burned my flesh off.

After going vegan, my skin improved drastically and everything seemed fine….until Halloween.

I broke out the morning after Halloween randomly this year and it still hasn’t subsided!

While some days everything clears, I’ll wake up the next day with a fresh one that will take weeks to disappear! I’ve switch to a gentle coconut water based cleaner, use rose hip oil as a moisturizer, and use raw sugar as an exfoliator. While my face is no longer dry and feels smooth, my mouth just won’t stop breaking out.

I don’t consume dairy, rarely drink alcohol, don’t eat processed foods, and eat a healthy amount of good fats, but the freaking things still stay.

So, after researching a bit, I’ve read about how gluten and wheat products can cause skin issues, and I thought I’d give going wheat free a chance, and watching my gluten intake for a while.

I do notice that I feel sluggish after ingesting gluten sometimes and when I eat too much grain my stomach aches. So, maybe going wheat free, or at least lowering my intake will help clear my face once and for all.

Between this and being careful about my alcohol intake, it seems like I’m cutting a lot out, but really I’m just experimenting and finding out what works for me. I love challenges, so I’m determined to discover the cause and naturally treat my breakouts!

On another note, I went home this past weekend and went to a xmas party thrown by some high school friends in NYC and saw the Grinch with my family after baking endless amounts of cookies! The veganized versions of my favorite cookies will be up in the next day or so! They’re delicious, so beware.

Is anyone else newly gluten free? Did it help with any skin issues? Please enlighten me, dear bloggers!



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