Less Gluten Experiment Progress: Week 1

So after about a week of limiting my gluten/wheat intake, I’ve seen some noticeable changes!

My face is again slowly but surely beginning to clear up and feels like its maintained a balance in its oil production.

SIDE NOTE: To go along with my gluten free (ish) experiment, I have also stopped using rose hip oil because it’s just too oily of an oil (hahah) for my face, and only wash with my coconut water cleanser in the morning. At night time, I’ve changed my routine to just rinsing with water and then diluting my apple cider vinegar way more than I was, with 1 tbsp. ACV to 1 cup water.

Not only does my face look and feel quite a bit better already, my body does too!

On a typical day, I probably was consuming the most wheat/gluten in the afternoon for my lunch break via sandwiches, leftover cous cous, and oatmeal. After lunch, I would almost instantly feel a bit sleepy, crampy, and uncomfortable even though I ate an appropriate amount of food and didn’t stuff myself.

Since I began limiting my wheat/gluten intake, I’ve taken a closer look at how I’ve been feeling after eating wheat/gluten occasionally versus how I feel when i refrain from eating it.

When I refrain from eating gluten/wheat, I feel more comfortable after meals, my stomach doesn’t make as many angry noises, and best of all, I feel more energized and LESS BLOATED!

Although I would not classify myself as “gluten free” or claim that I have Celiac’s or anything, I am saying that for me, I’ve discovered that limiting my gluten/wheat intake has been very beneficial so far and I’m going to try and keep it up for both my skin’s sake and my belly’s sake.

One week ago: angry, red pimples and oily complexion

One week ago: angry, red pimples and oily complexion

Gettin' there! Some pimples disappeared and the redness decreased, plus my complexion overall looks improved.

Gettin’ there! Some pimples disappeared and the redness decreased, plus my complexion overall looks improved.

I know it may not look like a drastic difference, but for one week’s time, I’d say the results seem pretty damn good so far.

I’m not damning gluten, trust me. I’m a complete oatmeal lover/cous cous fiend/pasta enthusiast/soy sauce admirer. I’m just saying that considering how much the gluten molecule (or whatever it is…atom? I don’t know, bear with me) has enlarged with our current farming practices, it’s a valid experiment to try and find your body’s happy place when it comes to gluten and wheat.

I know personally, I’ve gotten to know my body really well over the years through my recovery/healing process, and I’ve learned to work with it, not against it. My gluten free (ish) experiment is just another way I’m listening to my body and giving her what she wants and what makes her thrive.

Peace, Love, & Friday to you all



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