Monday Happy List! (Boston Edition)

So good to be home. What, with walking in the latest blizzard to work this morning only to find out that we could come in an hour later, Collin’s car not working so I have to share mine, and an empty fridge…I sure missed ya, Rochester.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s always such a comfort to come back home after a trip, get organized, grocery shop, and settle in, but this time around I’m still wishing Collin and I were in our dream world of a comfy hotel, miles of streets to explore, delicious food to eat, and awesome music to see. At least I can relive the weekend by sharing some of the highlights here!

I bring you, my Monday Happy List featuring my trip to Boston!

  • AMAZING ASIAN FOOD. If anyone here has been consistently reading my posts (thank you!), then you know how deeply my love of Asian food runs. I am never NOT in the mood for Asian food, whether it’s Chinese, Japanese, Thai (my favorite), or Vietnamese, I’m always down for some Eastern lovin’. Being a vegan, Asian restaurants are always my best bet trying to find a menu where I can eat more than just 1 dish, so we did some damage in Boston when it comes to eating Asian! As a connoisseur of sorts, I can tell you with confidence that the two Asian dishes I had in Boston were some of the best I’ve ever had. Friday night, we ate at My Thai Vegan Cafe in Chinatown, which are where the two photos below are from, and on Saturday we had lunch at Pho Basil on Massachusetts Ave., where I unfortunately forgot to snap a few pics even though it was equally, if not more, delicious.

photo (48)

photo (49)

  • SOFA CAFE ESPRESSO. We braved the cold Saturday and spent all day traipsing around the different sections of the city, and stumbled upon Sofa Cafe on Newbury Street, where I tried my very first espresso. The cafe is in the downstairs of one of the beautiful brick buildings on Newbury and was cozy, warm, and just eclectic enough to still be classy. (Collin ate the cute lil’ cookie since I bet $1,000,000 it wasn’t vegan).

photo (47)

  • I BEEN DRANKIN’ I BEEN DRANKIN’. Since we were on “vacation” I did have my fair share of drinks. But, my hands down favorite came from The Gallows. This bar is just my kinda scene. Beautiful wood, bartenders who know what they’re doing, and music that fit my taste. Plus, this drink was out of this world good and fucking gorgeous. It was Grapefruit Kombucha with a Vodka Fizz and tasted like a frickin’ Grapefruit Izzy (please tell me you remember those).

photo (50)

  • DR. DOG IN DA HOUSE (OF BLUES). We marked the end of our weekend by seeing Dr. Dog, a band we both like, at the House of Blues Saturday night. We got the time of the show mixed up, and after slamming down some drinks at the bar next door, got there just in time to see the band’s first song. But, because our section was unbelievably packed, could barely see a thing. I had to take measures into my own hands and slipped us into the VIP balcony while security wasn’t looking. I do what I can to get what I want, and there was NO WAY I wasn’t seeing the band we came there for! It was so worth it though. We danced, sang, and cheered with the best view in the hizzy.

photo (51)

  • Soaking up undisturbed time with the one I love. Although we live together, we’re two full-time, busy little bees who have plenty of obligations and don’t always get to just forget the world for three days to spend time just having fun together. This trip was my Christmas present from Collin, but the best part of all was just being together, basking in our happiness and falling more in love (sorry, when it comes to this shit, I’m  sap).

photo (46)

Wishing you all zero snow, warmth, and love on this frigid Monday.



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