Rise and Shine Apple Carrot Juice!

If I haven’t expressed it before, I am the ultimate morning person.

While nights do have the whole comfort and security of knowing a day has come to a close, and you can now kick off your shoes and walk around naked thing going for them, nothing beats the endless possibility that comes with rising each day.

I’m simply at my best in the mornings. I wake up easily, always give myself ample time to make a balanced breakfast and relax a little before work, and get the most productivity out of my AM time.

I tend to be much more positive, alert, focused, and in tune with my mind and body during the first part of the day, all while feeling more grounded, calm, and aware of my surroundings.

I’m not sure if all my fiery energy and positivity throughout the day kinda sucks the life out of my nights or what, but I just usually cannot muster the same amount of enthusiasm once the evening rolls around and all that’s left is the looming darkness out my window.

BUT, lately I’ve had LOADS of energy, from morning until night and I seriously feel superhuman. I’ve been adding maca powder to a smoothie or tea each day, waking up at 5 to smash in a workout before work and have had energy during the evenings to take soul soothing (and utterly freezing) winter walks, work on my old lady cross stitch projects, and read before bed.

In honor of my increased energy even after the mornings I tend to thrive in, here is a recipe for the juice that put a much-needed pep in my step mid morning today while I was dreading writing a script for yet another Holiday Inn.

Just by looking at it, I thought it would be kinda gross to be honest since the orange is on the murky side, but holy shit was I wrong. This stuff is tangy, refreshing, sweet, and has the perfect amount of zing.

I highly recommend making this juice before a day loaded with tasks and guarantee it’ll get you through the shit show that is work.



  • 2 apples
  • 5 carrots
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 large bunch parsley
  • 1 thumb of ginger

Prepare all of your producer by chopping up the apples into fourths, quartering the carrots, peeling and quartering the cucumbers, quartering the lemon, tearing the parsley, and peeling the ginger. Since my juicer is kind of old, I alternated between the produce that would go easy on it like the cucumber and carrots, with the apples, parsley, and lemon. I then ended with the ginger. 

***In order to get the most out of the organic fruits and veggies I juice, I remove the pulp from my juicer and run it through the juicer one last time, usually getting another good 1/3 of a cup at least! 

This juice combo filled about 3/4 of a large mason jar, and it perfect for a mid-morning snack or late afternoon pick-me up. Plus, you send those vitamins and shit straight to your cells.

Happy Friday everyone, and seriously, try this out and let me know 🙂



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