Weekend Recap: My First 10K!


And no, I’m not wishing that sarcastically, I really mean it, it’s a glorious day! Here in Rochester the sun is shining, the wind is only blowing a tiny bit (which is a friggin’ miracle here), and it’s almost 80 degrees!

I woke up this morning with a sunburn on the tip of my nose and my tank top laid out for work today and it instantly brought a smile to my face and made me ready to put my blissfully exciting weekend in the books and get ready for another excellent week.

This post is the “books” I’m putting my weekend in, so lemme just start off by saying that I finally ran my first 10k race yesterday in Ithaca!

Although I’ve completed 4 half-marathons, I’ve never run a “normal” distance race! In the spirit of spring beginning and my happy season of running from April-Novemeber, I decided I’d sign up for a race every month until December!

The Skunk Cabbage Classic in Ithaca started my monthly race goal off with a bang! I finished in 51 minutes, 56 seconds, beating my goal time by over 3 minutes!

No headphones were allowed and the course was kinda hilly (helloooo, Ithaca hills anyone??) but I managed to kick ass and had such a great time before and after the race.

IMG_5423 IMG_5431

My dad drove up from down home with my Gigi (grandma) to meet Collin and I at the Cornell campus where the race began.

Col and I drove to Ithaca Saturday morning and spent the day there exploring and eating vegan burritos and delicious Thai food. The weather was absolute shit Saturday, so I was kind of worried race day would follow suit, but we woke up to a gorgeous sunrise and the day was literally perfection (hence the sunburn on my nose this morning).

The course took us along rolling farmland and even brought us next to a pheasant farm (didn’t want to think about why pheasant farms are even a thing…) and even hugged the lake a tiny bit. It was such a scenic course ideal for my first race without music.

I started way up front to keep myself motivated by those faster than me, and my tactic worked! I picked a girl whose stride I admired and stayed right behind her the whole time, pushing myself hard the whole way.


Post race (after I snagged as many free bagels and bananas as I could carry from the stadium), we went to brunch at Stella’s which was actually a huge disappointment! They had a few vegan options, so I got quinoa oatmeal and a root vegetable hash. My oatmeal was literally a bowl of quinoa with apples on it, and while my hash was good, out food took 45 minutes to get out!

Even though it wasn’t the most pleasant brunch in history, we did have such a sweet time goofing off and I was still experiencing my runner’s high…plus all of the coffee I drank while waiting the 45 minutes for my food. Needless to say, I was off the walls in the best way.




Post-brunch, we stopped at Green Star, the most amazing health food store known to man to get some treats (I got a vegan fruit and oat bar) and then made our way to the Ithaca Beer Co. Brewery!

I got a flight for a little variety, and my dad, Gigi, Collin and I sat outside at a picnic table surrounded by a golden field, hens roaming around, and customers playing frisbee, drinkin’ brews and basking in the sun’s glory. I cannot wait to take another trip there once summer rolls around.


Before we drove home, we stopped at Cayuga Lake to skip some rocks and take in my favorite view of all time: any body of water, anywhere.

This weekend I realized just how far I’ve come with my running…how many incredible places it has taken me, both within and outside of myself and I truly felt completely connected and grateful for this body that has taken such a beating from me and my outrageous expectations of it.

My body is incredible in every way…my body is my hero and I am so proud of her and all that she does.

It was also a weekend I never thought would come: the first true weekend of Spring weather where hopes are high, everyone is outside grasping at the sun they thought would never show its face again, and PLAYING which I try to do every day.

So, now that my weekend is in the books, on to half-marathon training my my June 21st trail half and a week of (hopefully) sunshine.



5 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: My First 10K!

  1. One a month until December?! I applaud you for your determination AND your awesome 10k. I just started running again for the first time in years and am trying to decide which 5k is going to be my first goal race. I look forward to hearing about your future races.


    • Thank you so much! When I make a decision I tend to stick to it so hopefully I’ll be able to bust one out every month for sure 🙂 I’d recommend doing a themed 5k for your first! Something like a glow run or the color run…they’re SO fun and make the whole thing more like an event rather than a run. Good luck!

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