Happy 1 Year Veganversary to me!

Now, I’m not 100% sure of the exact date of when I went to bed an omnivore and woke up a vegan, but I DO know it was a just a few days after my graduation and a few weeks before my birthday, so since graduation weekend was last weekend for this year and my birthday is right at the start of June, I have dubbed today, May 21st, 2015, my 1 year veganversary!

What began as reading a few articles here and there on my never ending quest to make my life as healthy as possible, has led to a full-blown wake up call, a paradigm shift, and has led me down the path towards a life of freedom, compassion, and abundance.

It all began after my boyfriend and I decided to finally sit down and come face to face with what we were contributing to by watching Earthlings.

That was it for me….I literally went vegan overnight.

Now, I know that way is not for everyone, but that is just the kind of person I am. I live my life with an “all or nothing” attitude, and while that sometimes gets me into trouble and can cause me pain, it also reaps benefits that completely outweigh “slow and steady” or “sleeping on it” thinking for me.

I went to bed with a stomach in knots from my daily yogurt bowl, a mind in peril from an all-consuming body image battle, and a heart feeling hopeless as to how I could live a life free from my shitty relationship with food and my body.

I woke up a new fucking woman. I made oatmeal, threw out my yogurt and frozen chicken, and have never looked back.

Although I’ve experienced isolation, disdain, and feelings of hopelessness from the knowledge of how dark the world truly is, becoming a vegan is hands down the single best decision I have ever made. Here are just a few reasons why.

  • INCREASED ENERGY ALL DAY LONG: Anyone who asks you where you get your motherfucking protein from can stfu as far as I’m concerned. Every single piece of food has protein and most Americans gorge themselves on too much! I know for a fact the protein myth is bullshit because my life is filled with nutrients, bursting with vibrancy, and chock full of carbs and ya know what? I have more energy than EVER! A vegan diet, when done right, gives you the plant-powered strength most of us are in desperate need of and can completely transform the sluggish, sedentary lifestyle that usually comes with the standard American diet.
  • I DO NOT CONTRIBUTE TO AN INDUSTRY BASED ON MURDER, ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION, AND POOR HEALTH: Every single time I put my fork to my face, I am taking a political stance and condemning the powers that be. Simply by rejecting what has been brainwashed into us and forced into our lives through merciless advertising and cultural “traditions,” I truly am making a difference and separating myself from supporting pain, torture, and the destruction of our planet, which all stem directly from animal agriculture.
  • INCREASED PHYSICAL FITNESS: If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am an exercise junkie and a running-obsessed health nut. Of course one of my biggest fears when turning to veganism was that I wouldn’t be able to sustain my marathon training and daily dose of endorphins. On the contrary, eating a plant-based diet has made my athletic ability sky rocket! The difference between my previous runs while training for a half-marathon versus my training today are unbelievable. I am smashing times I never thought possible with enthusiasm and less effort than ever before!
  • I AM MORE AT PEACE WITH MY BODY THAN EVER BEFORE: My entire life has been plagued by feelings of inadequacy, hatred for the body I call my own, and a tumultuous relationship with the food on my plate. Even though it’s been four years since I officially began recovering from my eating disorder, and even though I have shed pounds, sculpted a physique I bust my ass for, and completely transformed the way I eat, I still have days where I am simply beside myself with utter despair, feeling as though I will never be good enough for my cruel expectations of what I should look like. When I began “eating clean” I did feel better, more in control, and my body thanked me for it. But, I was eating the portions of a child, obsessively counting calories, experiencing stomach pains nearly every day, and my skin was simply in shambles. Once I became a vegan, my skin drastically improved, my stomach stopped giving me trouble thanks to cutting out dairy, and I now eat in ABUNDANCE. I pile my plate at every meal, knowing that the foods I’m eating are low in caloric density, but high in vital nutrients that will heal and benefit my body.

And ya know what? I look and feel absolutely incredible. I have made huge strides with my body image and irrational fear of gaining weight, and have found a new purpose for my life: help other living beings, use my writing as a vehicle for it, and let others know just how incredible this lifestyle is for animals, humans, and Earth.

Thank you all for coming along with me on my journey and reading my ramblings!



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