Self-Care Favorites/My Morning Routine

Whatta month it’s been so far. Fo’ real, it’s been a whirlwind of a spring and I’m not just saying that in a “let’s make small talk at the water cooler” sorta way, I mean it.

I’ve been training like crazy for my upcoming half-marathon, just celebrated my 23rd birthday with the perfect weekend back in my hometown, and it’s our busy season at work.

Needless to say, I’m falling asleep while my boyfriend plays computer basketball by 9 pm most nights, and barely have a minute to myself before I hit the pillow.

Even though I’ve been in a tizzy and stretched thin for the past few weeks, I’ve made a commitment to really take the time to take care of myself and it’s been paying off big time.

My skin looks better than it has in years, my skin is softer than when I was a baby (I bet), my teeth are finally whitening up, and I’m basically on an energy high throughout the entire day…that is until I wear myself out and collapse right when the sun goes down.

Here’s a look at what I’ve been doing and how diligently carving out time for a genuine morning routine has paid off.


  • Swish 1 tbsp. extra virgin, cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil for 20 minutes


  • Dry Brush


  • After a shower, I exfoliate then cleanse my face using my spin brush and Face Naturals cleanser. I then use Rose Water as a toner in the morning, and moisturize with Face Naturals moisturizer at night. Every few days I apply a dead sea mud mask I got as a sample gift from Face Naturals.


  • Before breakfast, I drink 1 liter of lemon water

download (1)

  • Then I eat 1 tbsp. of Blackstrap Molasses and chug it down with my lemon water to help absorb the iron better

download (3)

  • Finally, after breakfast, I brush with my new electric toothbrush!


I’m not a “big shot” blogger or anything, so none of these companies gave me free stuff, I’ve just finally found a self-care routine and products that have made a HUGE difference in my life and well being!

I cannot praise the Spin for Perfect Skin brush enough! I did use a coupon code from a youtuber I found, so it only cost me $30, but unfortunately it runs at around $90. I will say that after using it for around two months now, I feel it’s well worth it.

I never really gave exfoliation enough credit, but after dry brushing with my natural bristle brush and using my face brush, I can confidently say it’s the single most important part of skin care and I’m grateful I’ve learned to embrace it!

As for the cleanser, moisturizer, and rose water toner, I also HIGHLY recommend them. Face Naturals is where I purchased the cleanser and moisturizer, and the toner at Luminance Skin Care.

If any of you struggle with dental issues, yellowish teeth, or just bad breath, get on the oil pulling train…seriously. It maybe gross at first, but I’m so used to it now that it’s soothing to me! I just take a spoonful and jump in the shower, and by the time I’m out and lotioned up, it’s time to spit that shit out! Nothing has helped whiten my teeth before I committed to oil pulling. Just this one simple change in my routine has helped my immensely and I’m becoming more and more proud of my smile every day!

As for the electric tooth brush, I just got it for my birthday, as recommended by my dentist, so I’m not sure how much more effective it is, but I’m trying to really take care of my pearly whites and I’m hoping this will help my along my quest to never having another cavity as long as I live!

I’ve already sung my praises about lemon water, blackstrap molasses, and dry brushing, so I’ll just leave you with this little bit of advice: GET YOUR ASS ON A MORNING ROUTINE AND STICK TO IT! It may take more time out of your morning, but you can always get up earlier and reap the benefits all day long, I swear! My morning routine always leaves me energized, fresh, and ready for the day, not to mention I feel more beautiful and confident than ever just by simply taking better care of ME.



2 thoughts on “Self-Care Favorites/My Morning Routine

  1. Love your morning routine – I’ve been finding myself rushing through my own to get some work done before my little man wakes up. I miss the self care element of taking this time in the morning. Thanks for the inspiration!


    • Anytime! I am a complete morning person, but sometimes I’ll have to force myself out of bed and remind myself that if I feel like a hag, I’ll look like a hag, and taking time to care for myself will prevent both of those, hahaha.

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