Five Great Pieces of My Week(s)

It’s been a hell of a few weeks with nonstop commotion so I haven’t really gotten a chance to sit down and process my highlights, the goods, the bads, the uglys. Now that I have a moment to rest because of my 1st reason on this list, I can properly dig up the good things from the back of my mind.

  1. I am home for the weekend! It’s my stepdad’s birthday and last night my mom threw a surprise dinner party for him in my hometown, so I drove down for the weekend! Though it was a long fucking day yesterday after working, a mandatory appearance at my office’s summer party (where i sweated my ass off and couldn’t even have a beer because I was about to drive 5 hours), and that long ass haul down the thruway, it was worth it to see my family last night and enjoy a delicious vegan meal my mom had the restaurant make for me and a pleasantly large glass of merlot. Not to mention, I get to stay at my dad’s house and have my morning bath, run on my favorite trails, and make a delicious breakfast in the kitchen where I learned to cook. Even though I’m bummed my dad isn’t here this weekend, I’m picking Col up from the train station and we’re going to have a fun-filled few days lunching it up with my mom, swimming in my creek, getting dinner at my favorite restaurant while (literally) everybody knows my name, and getting some drinks at the bar up the road. Nothing renews and refreshes me like being home.
  2. I got promoted! I am now a scriptwriter at the communications company where I work and not just a scripting assistant! I’ve been there for two months and have already moved up and I couldn’t be happier! I get a $2.25 an hour raise and can now officially say that I am a professional writer!! This has been my dream since I was in high school, and my ultimate goal. It has also been the root of many fears in my college life where I was certain I was doomed to never find full time work as a writer. This goes to show that going after what you really love is the key to everything. REALLY. It’s not like I’m some hot shot author, I know that, but I’m only 22, am the youngest writer my company has had and I am damn proud of that. I fulfilled a 8-year long goal and now it’s time to see what the next part of my future has in store!
  3. I rediscovered Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Shutup, it’s brilliantly amazing and addicting, on netflix, and the perfect show to have on int he background while cooking, cross stitching, or doing my nightly sit-ups. Plus, it brings back memories of Buffy-fests with my big sister who was obsessed with the damn show. And, it’s hilarious and inspiring to see the outfits 90’s teens wore. I’m a 90’s chick through and through. My style is a bit hip mixed with 90’s grunge and 90’s clueless, so I love seeing what Buffy’s gonna wear to school each episode. Also, Spike is the shit.
  4. My team & I finally won trivia! Every Wednesday, Collin and I and a few of our friends go to Roc Brewing on South Union for their trivia. Roc Brewing is in a beautiful space with huge windows that overlook the Strong Museum, they have really cool flavors of beer that change every week, sell awesome shirts, and always have really great local art for sale. And, their trivia kicks ass. Our team, dubbed Taylor’s Angels (by me, of course), usually comes in 2nd place for all 3 rounds, but last week we finally won the last round which was music trivia! The whole team won free pints and we dug into the free salt and vinegar Cape Cod chips at every table. I am super SUPER competitive, so I am all about winning, and I am also all about trivia, so it’s safe to say I was stoked, am still stoked, and will always be stoked that we won. Even if it was only 1 round…
  5. I got to visit my BFF Victoria in Syracuse! She goes to ESF for one more year, and I finally had a weekend free to go see her. You know you’re truly the best of friends when nothing ever changes no matter what. Me, Victoria, and her twin Jaclyn have been best friends since we were 8 years old. With Jaclyn living in North Carolina, we still h ave a group chat we talk on almost everyday, Jaclyn comes to visit every Halloween as per our tradition, and as much as she can, and me and Victoria see each other as much as we can. I am so lucky to have a best friendship like the one I share with my twins. We are truly always in each others’ rings, tell each other the truth no matter what, and support one another in anything and everything. Tor and I met up with my best friends from college and went to the fair, and went to the bars. Tor and I managed to have a cute little dinner date at an Indian restaurant next to her place, and I got to hang out with her friend-turned-boyfriend. It was a stellar weekend with my girlz which I needed because all I ever do is hang with dudes in Roch.

P.S. I found these pictures of Collin and I from my 21st birthday last year that Victoria took with her fish eye lense camera. I love him, I love him always.